Thursday, October 22, 2009

Windows 7 is Officially Released

We’ve been testing Windows 7 for many months, and today is its official “birthday”. After the market clearly dictated to Microsoft that its Vista operating system was not going to become the primary business operating system, Microsoft worked very hard to produce Windows 7. We’re happy to report that our testing of the operating system has proven it to be reliable, fast, and easy to use.

Windows 7 is different than Windows XP - and it needed to be, for security, reliability, and currency with software demands. For people having used Windows XP for the past 8 years, it will take getting used to. The effort to adapt to the change is worth it, in our judgement.

How do you adopt Windows 7 in your business? We can help. The task requires confirming that your business software is compatible with Windows 7, then planning the upgrade path. Even if a migration to Windows 7 is not planned, it is important to prepare for the fact that equipment makers are very quickly going to be selling exclusively Windows 7 on new computers.

Here is the official home page for Windows 7:

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