Friday, July 29, 2011

Sage MAS 90/200 Autoships - No CDs/DVDs

Just like many other software companies, Sage is looking into providing auto-shipments of new software releases via download instead of shipping out DVDs and CDs to every Sage MAS 90 / MAS 200 customer and partner on an active maintenance plan.
How will this be beneficial:
  • Faster releases -- instead of waiting until the software goes to a production company, gets replicated onto DVDs and CDs, then get shipped out to customers, Sage can give the green light and send the download links out via email. Customers can download the software immediately versus waiting for their products in the mail.
  • Better for the environment -- what happens to the prior versions of software CDs and DVDs that are no longer needed? That's right -- currently many people throw them in the garbage. The waste of these and their related packaging materials can be eliminated -- a better option for the environment.
Sage will likely offer a shippable DVD option for an extra charge, but as most companies now have broadband internet, this should be a welcome change.

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