Monday, September 12, 2011

New Shipping Solution - Sage MAS 90 / MAS 200

In prior posts, we discussed how V-Technologies is no longer offering their Starship Link as of version 4.50 of Sage MAS 90/200. Sage, has, however, chosen a new shipping solution to replace the previous Starship Link.

This means those using Starship will have two options for passing data to and from MAS 90/200:
  • Use the V-Technologies Business Object Interface. This allows the user to start the shipment in Starship, and upon completion it will write back to invoice data entry in MAS 90/200.
  • Use the new Starship Link from Sage (to be released in the future). This allows the user to keep the same workflow as in prior versions of MAS 90/200 and begin the shipment in Shipping Data Entry. Upon the shipment's completion, tracking and other shipment data is written back to MAS 90/200.
These two options will allow users to work the way they need to in MAS 90/200. Stay tuned for more details as Sage releases additional information on the new shipping link in the future.

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