Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Advanced Scripting for MAS 90/200 - Certified Vendors

In a prior blog posts, we've explained Advanced Scripting for MAS 90 / MAS 200.  Here is a real-world example of how it can save time and money:
Company XYZ only wishes to buy from "certified" vendors per a government regulation they must adhere to. They maintain a user-defined field in the vendor master file of the date the vendor is "certified" through.
We added a script to their Purchase Order Entry screen such that once they choose a vendor, it will look at the vendor master file, and check that not only does the vendor have a date filled in the user-defined field, but that the date has not passed. It will only then allow the user to continue entering the P/O. This saves the user time for each purchase order created, because they do not have to manually check the vendor's status.

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