Friday, March 2, 2012

Greatly Improve Remote Access Security

C&G Consulting has recently assisted a client with greatly improving their remote access security simply by enabling a feature built into the Sonicwall brand firewall already in place on the company network.
Within minutes, the featured called "one time password" can be enabled on the Sonicwall which will send a text (SMS) message to the phone of the person trying to log in remotely. The password which is sent in the text is good only one time, and greatly enhances security since now the employee must have their network username, password, and the physical phone that is listed to receive the text message.
Additionally, if the employee receives a text notification with a one time password when they're not trying to log in remotely, they can be sure someone has their username and password, and is attempting to log in remotely.
The one time password feature can be configured on a per-user basis, meaning not every person in the company needs to have this feature enabled. However, the more people that are required to use this feature, the safer the network is!

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