Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Selecting a New System Success Stories

Chortek LLP's Technology Consulting team recently completed system selection engagements for two of our clients.  The first was for an existing client using Sage 100 which had looked at a service industry enhancement five years ago as well as an industry specific solution that was deemed too expensive.  After evaluating the options and return on investment, they recently chose the industry specific solution since it met all of their needs. It was designed specifically for their industry verses trying to make an add-on work for them at a lower cost.
In the second engagement, the client initially had a good grasp on the solution they were going to choose but after careful documentation of requirements and evaluation of various manufacturing specific software vendors, they found a different solution that best fits the way they do business.  The process allowed them to see their real needs, the options available and while many manufacturing software exists, only a few met their specific needs and one clearly stood out as the best fit.

Chortek LLP's Technology Consulting team specializes in helping businesses find the right software for their needs.  Contact us or visit our website for more information on selecting a new ERP system.

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