Monday, August 8, 2011

Quick way to create short Win7 tutorials for friends and relatives

Ever wanted to create a short, quick tutorial for someone on how to do a certain Windows task, but were stuck doing screenshots into a Word document? There's a better way!

The engineers built a little troubleshooting tool into Windows7 that captures windows and mouseclicks into a nice little html document that you can easily edit and then pass to those needing assistance. The tool is called the Problem Step Recorder, and you get to it by opening the Start menu and typing "psr.exe" (without the quotes) into the Search field.

Once the tool is launched, click on Record and march through whatever process you want to capture. After you've stopped recording, the html file is saved which you can easily edit and then send off to the friends or relatives asking for your assistance! If you go to YouTube and search on Problem Step Recorder, there are a number videos that demonstrate exactly how to use this neat little utility.

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