Friday, December 9, 2011

Phishing Email Outbreak

The C&G Consulting Support Center team has noted a marked increase in calls regarding malicious emails. The most prevalent of these are in the category of "phishing" emails. These are attempts to install malware on your computer or to steal information by trying to get you to click on forged email links. These links are either attached to the email, or are purporting to be links to the Better Business Bureau or financial institutions. The links are usually pointing to web address that are far different from what their label is displaying.

Protect your computer and your privacy by not clicking on links sent to you in emails unless you've checked the link and trust the source. If you "hover" your mouse over a questionable link without actually clicking it, Outlook will display the information about what the link is really pointing to. In most cases, the link is pointing to an entirely different web address than is purported in the text of the link in the email itself. Do not click on these kinds of links. Simply delete the email.

If you have further questions regarding email and security, contact us at 262-522-8226.

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