Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A/P ACH Electronic Payments

Have you ever considered paying your suppliers and other vendors by electronic payment versus a check? ACH electronic payments is a standard feature in Sage ERP 100 Accounts Payable and many of our clients are enjoying the benefits of this time-saving feature.

Setting up ACH electronic payments in your Sage ERP 100 system can increase your efficiencies, improve your cash management, reduce operating costs and lessen the risk of lost or stolen checks by using an ACH file created from the Accounts Payable module.

In Sage ERP 100, you have the flexibility to select and set up one or more financial institution(s) for your electronic payments, and for each one you select, define the format and layout of the ACH file. The feature includes pre-note functionality, and flexibility in your electronic payment distribution, including options to allocate amounts between one or more accounts.

ACH information on processed payments, historical information and vendors paid electronically is available on Accounts Payable Reports. They can include auto checks, manual checks, voided checks, reversals, credit card transfers, electronic payments, wire transfer information in any combination.
For more information on how to implement A/P ACH electronic payments in your business, please contact me at 920-968-0965 or swolf@c-gconsulting.com to start using this feature.

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