Monday, April 11, 2011

Give Windows 7 a quick shake

Do you ever suffer from window clutter, as in having so many applications running on your desktop that you can't focus on the one you want? Manually closing all those windows is tedious, but Windows 7 has a quick and fun way to minimize all windows to the taskbar except the one you wish to keep on top.

Simply click and hold the title bar of the windows that you want to work with, and shake it slightly left-to-right. Yes, SHAKE IT. All the other windows will drop down to the taskbar ready for you to grab and work with, leaving your current window the sole occupant of your desktop real estate. To restore the other windows, just shake the title bar again. (Note this requires a Windows Aero theme to be turned on, several of which are found under the "Personalize" menu when you right-click on your desktop background.)

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