Monday, April 4, 2011

Windows Explorer - view settings for consistent behavior

Ever wondered how you could set an Explorer window to always display the way you want - even after logging off and back on? Wonder how you could set that for every Explorer window you open? It can be annoying to have to constantly change the settings every time you look at your files and folders. However, setting a permanent preference for Explorer windows is not difficult.

First, set your preferred view in a given Explorer window using the View menu (pick from List, Detail, Icons, etc.), then make windows Explorer apply them to all folders by using the Tools-Folder Options menu. Here is a link with screenshots that shows you how to do this using Windows XP. The process is very similar for Windows 7. (Hint: in Windows 7, if your menu bar is hidden and you can't see any menus, press the Alt key on your keyboard, which will temporarily make the menu bar display itself.)

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