Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Look for an increase in Phishing attacks

Recently I received a notice from two different businesses that send me e-mail newsletters. Their mass e-mailing service had a security breach on March 30 in which recipient names and e-mail addresses were stolen from the company.
PC Magazine Article: "Email Data Breach Affects Credit-Card Issuers, Best Buy, TiVo, More",2817,2383016,00.asp

Anyone that subscribes to lists sent out by this service can expect an increase in Phishing attacks over the next few months. Phishing is a social engineering attack that tries to trick e-mail recipients into revealing personal information.
PC Magazine Article: "Infographic: Anatomy of a Phishing Attack",2817,2383197,00.asp

So how do you protect yourself from a Phishing attack? 1. Never log into a web site that you access by clicking on a link in an e-mail. Go to the website manually, preferably from a previously known address. 2. Better yet, never click on a link from an e-mail ever. If you hover over the link without clicking, most e-mail clients will reveal the destination address. If the destination address doesn't match the text of the e-mail message or looks strange, don't open it. Here are some more tips:
PC Magazine Article: "Seven Tips to Avoid Post-Epsilon Phishing",2817,2383134,00.asp

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