Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Sage MAS 500 v7.4 Scheduled for June 2011 Release

Sage MAS 500 version 7.4 is scheduled to begin shipping later this month. Both new and existing customers will benefit from the new technologies in addition to the usability, scalability and performance improvements offered in this release. Notable enhancements are included in Advanced Manufacturing, Business Insights, Core Financials and Distribution modules.

v7.4 continues with Sage's initiative introduced in v7.3 to assist them in driving the direction of the product and to reduce the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). v7.3 introduced the "Sage Advisor" which provides the ability to collect platform and operating system information, tracks usage data on the local client installation, provides reportable statistics on most used tasks and provides a framework for future usability and TCO improvements. v7.4 introduces "Smart Updates" which is designed to simplify software updates and upgrades, reduce the risk and cost of updates and protect software customizations. Phase 1 of the Smart Updates rollout incorporates client side improvements to detect current updates applied, install only those objects changed since the last update was applied and to alert the user and report on customizations that exist. Phase 2 will be incorpated into future releases and will extend the client side detection capabilites to the server side.
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