Monday, June 27, 2011

Selecting a new ERP/CRM system (part 4 of 4)

How to select a new ERP/CRM system (Part 4) – In Part 3, we discussed preparing for and conducting product demonstrations and in this final Part 4, we discuss finalizing the selection and implementing the new solution.

-Finalize Selection — After the demos, you will usually find one system that clearly meets your needs over the others. Finalize the cost and timeline, including software, implementation, training, hardware and annual ongoing costs to fully understand your commitment of resources (cost and people).

-Implement —Selecting the right software is one thing, implementing it is another. Software is only a tool that takes proper training, resources (people) and procedures to be utilized for its intended needs. A proper implementation plan will continue you down the road toward success.

While companies with proper resources can perform these searches on their own following these steps, many choose to hire an outside facilitator with the experience, tools and templates to set a realistic timeline and provide expertise about vendors. Sometimes, solutions look good on paper and in a demonstration, but in practice, some companies offer much more in customer support and implementation after the sale is made.

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